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2017 Saturday, October 28th at 8:00pm Day of the Dead Fiesta de Salsa
Will you wear the best costume? At: Lewis & Clark College

0615 SW Palatine Hill Rd, Portland, Oregon 97219

Come join us! We do it every year and it is free,
with a free dance lesson from Dance with Joy Studios,
photo booth and a few bites to eat!
Located in the college! So only come to have fun! Not to create trouble!
We have never had an incident so let's keep it that way!
Public is allowed free entry before 9PM.
You can invite friends but they must be at least 18

Here are a few videos from two of our last parties:

here is the Google coordinates to the Party!

45.449055, -122.671081


The Mi Gente Club in Portland, Oregon originated in 1996. The intent was to set up a fraternal organizations with members and host a once a month Latin Dance, somewhat like how the Cuban Club is set up in Southern California. We hosted a dance every month at the Red Lion Inn (Doubletree) Hotels in the Jantzen Beach area until approximately the year 2000. Following our adventures at the Red Lion, we helped set up a number of Latin Clubs in the Portland metro area. We opened up our own Club in the City of Hood River, OR known as "Tito’s Wine & Dance.” We continue to DJ many parties and events in the Portland/Vancouver area! To hire us click here. We stay very current in our music collections, so we are thrilled to help out other Latin Dance Clubs/Restaurants/Hotels when they desire to start up a Latin dance night. If you need a DJ please click on the Disc Jockey Service Link or give us a call. If you know of new Latin Clubs in the PDX area that can use our help let us know so we can list them.

Sept 10th 17 we went to Guantanamera  in NY for dinner and some dancing, great Cuban food and a great conjunto (live band). Once again it is small, not much of a dance floor but I got a few dances in. more of a watch the band play and have dinner restaurant, not really a nightclub. A must visit though if you are in New York.

Sept 9th 17 We had the pleasure to visit Copacabana in NY two excellent Disc Jockeys and two large dance floors. It reminded me of the Viscount Ballroom in PDX, If you ever go the NY make sure to go dancing there.

Dec 12th 09; We returned to visit our friend Jorge at Aztec Willies Wow! Free admission during December. No band but just as good they had “DJ Alejandro” excellent music. The sound was equalized allot better, we had a great time with the free salsa lesson and the dancing. PDXlatino was also there taking picture check out their web page at

Feb 14th 09, Happy Valentines to all, we went to the
Mambo Lounge, $12 admission for two bands, that’s a good deal! They started with a basic salsa dance lesson, and then Melao de Cuba” took the stage, first time I hear this group, they did great! I dance to all their music. After they were done, DJ Rodger continued, he was playing awesome music not one bad song. The night was perfect how could it get better? Then came Cubaneo the drummer started beating on the cow bell and my body started moving again. Once again I was on the floor, Cubaneo is the best!!!! The sound systems all sounded great, nice friendly atmosphere, good drinks and a large dance floor. EXCELLENCE once again! I Totally recommend the Mambo Lounge.

Nov 15th 08, Saturday night at the
Mambo Lounge; it was our first time. It is just around the corner from the Viscount Ballroom on SE 8th AVE. They don’t have a big sign out front so you must walk the side walk to see the small sign posted on a sandwich board. It is an older building and the doors are kept closed, you must open the doors. Inside you will run into the doorman and then go up two flights of stairs. On the way up you might see a few private parties happening on the first and second floor. Just keep going up to the third floor and there you will find the Latin Music. It does not have the “Night Club” look, no special effect lighting, yet it is well lit up. It looks more like a dance hall/ ballroom. The Disc Jockey is the best we have heard so far. Every song that Roger Rumba played was a well-known hit and his music selection is excellent: Salsa, Merengue, and Cha Cha’s. He does add a bit of good Cumbia. I did not hear any Reggaeton or Bachata and that’s a good thing for me, since I am not a big fan of those styles. The dance floor is large and the music is well equalized making it very pleasant to the ears. The bar is small yet the bartenders are fast so I never had to wait for my drinks. Drinks are about $6.50 each (a bit high) and if you use a credit card, there is a $10 drink minimum. Admission is $10 each person, but they had my favorite band, Cubaneo. What can I say about Cubaneo? They are by far the best Latin band I have seen in the Portland Metro and they only get better every time! FUEGO FUEGO! So $10 for a live band is a great price. If you are not into the night club look, I would recommend the Mambo Lounge. You will not find a better DJ anywhere. Andrea’s DJ is also good, but I must say Roger takes my vote!

Sept 25th 08 Thursday night at
Andrea’s Cha Cha Club! Once again Cubaneo was performing and once again they sounded great! Andrea’s has also done some remodeling and the dance floor is now a bit larger.  For a Thursday night the club was jumping. The DJ that night was great, a great selection of music and easy on the ears he kept me dancing even when the band was not playing! The place is small but with their hot females running the show which includes the bar tenders, waitress and front door hostess, this eye-candy completes the perfect club for me!  Someday they must get a hot female disc jockey which will make the club a totally hot babe ranked club! Admission was $10 per couple what a great price! I totally recommend this club.

On Sept 5th 08 we went to
Aztec Willies Taqueria to enjoy a night of salsa dancing, the atmosphere was excellent, good size dance floor, good bar, the DJ that night was not so hot, music was not equalize well (hard on the ears), his selection was average L. Cost $6 to get in, I would probably not go there again for the dj night.. But on a prior occasion we went there and had the pleasure to listen and dance to Conjunto Cubaneo ! wow they are good ! we had a blast ! we paid $10 to watch them and dance to their music.. that’s a bargain !

 Nov 24th 07 we visited our old friends at
Caribe Club in Beaverton, Wow! we were very impressed, they have done massive remodeling, they have three dance floors, one for salsa music, one for cumbia and party tropical music and the one downstairs for mexi-tex (banda). The atmosphere is very nice and the sound systems and lighting effects are excellent. Good over all music selection. I would recommend the trip out to Beaverton!

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